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Re: (REPOST) user-specific package configuration information

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:52:43AM -0700, sandy pond wrote:
> I think your point is well taken.  But I also think
> that future integrated programs that need to share
> lots of configuration information will provide
> their own mechanism.  The GNOME GConf is
> an example of this movement and also goes to
> highlight the inadequacy of the present scheme.

My sense is that it's probably better to deal with this for new
applications than to ask existing applications to change the ways
things are done.  In particular, third party application vendors
(Oracle, for example) will have *zero* interest in doing something
different under Linux; they will want consistency across all
architectures, and when talking about Linux compatibility, it's
important to remember what's the tail and what's the dog.

And for new applications, many of which will be GUI applications for
GNOME and KDE, it's probably best that configuarion issues be
standardized as part of the GNOME and KDE projects.

It's much easier to standardize something which is already in common
practice, instead of trying to use a standard to try to coerce people
change things to some particular person's pet way of doing things.
While that can be done, it needs to be done very carefully, and for
good reasons.  So the real question is trying to balance the costs and
the benefits of a proposal like yours.

							- Ted

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