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Free Standards Group: Standards Process Working Group

The Free Standards Group is forming a special work group to develop
the standards process.  The process will govern:

  - the creation of working groups
  - the development of standards
  - standards levels (proposed, draft, official, retired, etc.)
  - revising standards
  - retiring standards
  - and all other aspects of the standards process

The goals of the process are:

  - openness and fairness
  - high technical quality
  - open source implementations and test suites
  - encouraging adoption of standards and community consensus
  - timeliness and schedules
  - allow for some flexibility (since existing work groups operate
    somewhat differently from each other)
  - other goals to be determined

The process will apply to existing work groups as well as any future
workgroups.  For existing work groups, we generally want to allow good
practices to continue and ultimately replace any bad practices.

Participation on the mailing list is open, but each of LI18NUX, LSB,
LDPS, and FHS should have at least one active representative and the
chairs should let me know who that person is.  The XDG group is also
welcome to participate (as an affiliated project).

If you reply to this message, please remove all of the mailing lists
except for freestandards-process.

The list is:


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