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Re: LSB on /.

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  > As it stands, the LSB is a means to an end. The objective we have is to
  > allow commercial software houses to build portable binary only packages of
  > their software for Intel systems running Linux. The secondary purpose of
  > the LSB Spec is that system adminsitrators will get a more consistent
  > environment to manage.

The problem is, with respect to the /. comments, is that most people who
are likely to comment on Slashdot believe the latter objective is
considerably more important than the former.

Personally, I don't care one bit whether Microsoft are able to produce
Office 2001 for Linux-based systems and not worry about it only working on
RedHat (as if they'd worry. right).

However, I *do* care about a consistent development platform, working
environment and tools standards base, and the LSB takes steps to provide
this. I believe this is probably the same view shared by many Slashdot readers
out there.

I could be wrong, of course :)

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