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Caldera claims "LSB 1.0 implementation" in Project 42 beta announcement

According to Caldera's press release today:


  OREM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2001--Caldera Systems
  Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD) Tuesday announced that its new OpenLinux server
  product, code named "Project 42," is entering open beta and will be
  available for download on March 19 from
  Project 42 has additional key features, including extensive
  security enhancements, LSB 1.0 implementation, Java SDK version 1.3,
  and a Caldera Volution deployment agent. Feedback on Project 42 can
  be sent to beta@caldera.com.

While I am not disputing the amount of hard work that Ralf, Raymund,
Johannes, and others at Caldera have put into the LSB and LSB Sample
Implementation, I'm aghast that any Linux vendor would claim that
their beta has a "LSB 1.0 implementation."

What is going on here?  Hopefully it's simply a disconnect from the
technical staff and the public relations staff that can be corrected
by a quick ammendment to the press release.



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