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Re: ARGH no more packaging discussions please

>>> Agreed.  I will take the action item of getting status from the
>>> installation/packaging team, have them review this week's discussions,
>>> get their deliverable slated in my milestones table.


>> Huh?  Are you saying we shouldn't be discussing this
>> anymore?  It was YOU who suggested I bring it up on the
>> lists in the first place.

> How did you derive that interpretation from his comments?

As I wrote before, this discussion has been "useful for me".   I now know
who the previous players were/are, we have been having useful discussions,
and I've heard from a couple of volunteers.

Instead of discussing this until a line has been made and blood has been
spilled :-) , I think it is useful to redirect the energy into producing
the draft proposal with the information that has been collected.   Which is
what I stated.   Once we have a more detailed & tangible draft proposal of
something that works, then we can discuss it further if needed.

George (gk4)

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