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Re: Packaging stuff

> A middleware which is pure vapor, and for which all of the hard
> decisions have been defered, and when people have asked basic questions
> like how the "protocol" would be implemented, there have been no asnwers
> forthcoming?
Read the proposal I made
..the basic idea is to
aggregate a dependency graph on the fly from rpm database,
deb database, and say, for example .tgz database. RDF is good for this,
and in the case of rpm, we already have an implementation. Now my
configure can use one dependency from rpm, and one from deb, and the
next rpm install can use a dependency from this configure(or oracle installer,
or whatever

rpm would have to respond to a lsb graph construction API, thats all the
addition needed..and it could obtain part of its dependency graph from
the lsb functions too.

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