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Re: Packaging and installation

Anthony, I don't think that the style of our current discussion is
productive.  Please don't take this as any kind of a flame.  I'm simply
stating this because I'm not really sure exactly what you're arguing for,
and I think that is because we're both addressing each other's discussion
point by point.

One of us needs to clearly define what it is we think should happen, and
we can then go from there.  Given that my position is already documented
and is the current specification, I suggest you submit your ideas in a
more organized fashion.

I recall that your previous posts on an alternative Chapter 13 (sorry I
don't recall all that you said, and the archives are down) did not seem to
garner approval from everyone, but there were a few folks that liked your
ideas.  Perhaps you should re-post your tentative rewrite of it, find out
who would be willing to work on it with you, and flesh out any weak areas
in it off-list?  Once you are done with it, you could resubmit it to the
discussion list.

That way we hopefully won't waste our time arguing over wording and minor
details, and we can actually discuss the merits of a fleshed-out proposal
before submitting it to Stuart Anderson (and maybe the Steering Committee)
for approval.

I don't think that further arguments on this can be fruitful, since we now
understand where our differences lie.  The only way to address this
situation is to provide the alternative plan to the Technical Lead, Stuart
Anderson, and go from there.

Thanks for your dedication.

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