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Re: Packaging stuff

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Anthony W. Youngman wrote:

> >What commands can be used by these scripts needs to be specified. The list of
> >available commands in the LSB covers this.
> Start thinking "out of the box". You are stuck in the mould of what's
> already been "sort of" specified. Why not take a completely new tack?

Anything that is added needs to be properly documented. The list of commands
that have been selected so far have such documentation. I think that any other
command for which comparable documentation was available would be considered.

> >What does not need to be standardized?
> >
> >How the installation tool works does not need to be standardized. Only the
> >command for invoking it needs to be specified.
> IE a standard API!

Do you (and Nick) mean a C library with programming interfaces? I don't
understand why you would want that vs a command that hides the details of the
backend DB. A single lsb_install command could be used to install the package,
and make queries of the database without having to get into too much low level
details. You need a command to be able to use in any makefile/configure based
system which has been aluded to in this thread.

Am I misinterpreting something here?


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