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Re: ARGH no more packaging discussions please

I agree.  Thanks George for all the hard work.


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Subject: Re: ARGH no more packaging discussions please

> On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, George Kraft/Austin/IBM wrote:
> > Agreed.  I will take the action item of getting status from the
> > installation/packaging team, have them review this week's discussions,
> > then get their deliverable slated in my milestones table.
> I want to take this opportunity to thank folks like George here, folks
> that often don't get acknowledged.
> I HATE project management.  I hate making schedules, design statements,
> project plans, and other formal organization.  I get away with it in my
> job because I only work on four large platforms and I can perform my job
> with my various customers on a one-on-one basis, with informal
> organization.  However, my style of organization is completely worthless
> on large efforts.
> We need folks that will do the hard job of documenting and organizing.
> Most geeks make terrible project managers.  That's why often project
> managers are business majors and the like.  So I think we are all doubly
> lucky to have folks like George who are excellent project managers as well
> as excellent geeks.  Without folks like him, we'd be lost in a morass of
> half-done projects.
> Thank you George for doing the thankless jobs.
> Jeffrey.
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