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Re: Good enough

Simon Epsteyn (seva@null.pharm.uic.edu) wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Nicholas Petreley wrote:
> > Regarding my attempt to rekindle discussion and explain why
> > I do not believe we should standardize on any package
> > manager -- I think I can distill the responses into three
> > categories. 
> I think the idea was to standardize FILE FORMAT not PACKAGE MANAGER.
> RPM is the LSB file format, you have to provide LSB way to install LSB
> compliant RPMs, the PACKAGE MANGER is your choice.

not only the file format, but also the structure of it's content. LANANA
is a good thought and I think we should consider to reinitiate the

'lsb' as base dependency for all LSB dependent packages is fine, but I think
we need more well defined names in a finer granularity. Who is currently
maintaining LANANA? I'll be happy to help out and continue (or better 'start')
working on a proposal.

Besides this it needs to be stated what tools can be expected to be present
at which state. Inspecially for pre/post scripts this is an important issue
to know.

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