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Re: Packaging and installation

Nicholas Petreley writes...

> Instead, we should define an installation protocol that
> looks for programs and libraries within the filesystem
> itself in order to detect if dependencies are met.

How? If an application needs a particular library will it search the whole 
filesystem for the .so? Or maybe just the library path? Will it be able to 
determine library versions? By just looking at the name or actually looking at 
the symbols etc? What happens if a user has a half installed version of a 
library package built from a buggy CVS snapshot. Will that meet the dependency 
and allow the application to install?

This sounds like a support nightmare. It would be much easier for users to get 
their systems in unsupported configurations. These were exactly some of the 
things that packaging systems were created to solve. Use a package system to 
solve them.

Unfortunately, like Stuart said, I am complaining rather than offering a 

Matt Taggart

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