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Re: Packaging and installation

What do the Debian folks think of this? My fear is that
Debian will opt out of being LSB compliant if it means
they have to switch to RPM, leaving those of us based
on Debian in a situation where we can't be LSB compliant,
and weakening the importance of the LSB standard.

How technically hard would it be for Debian to use
the RPM package format without throwing out the rest
of their packaging architecture?

Jeffrey Watts wrote:
> Hasn't this been beaten to death by now?  I think that most agree that
> while using RPM may not be the best solution, it's definitely the most
> practical solution for now.
> I would think that our time would be better spent on discussing things
> that we don't have done yet.  I'm not against discussing this, but most of
> the time the only folks that participate in a discussion on RPM are those
> that have some personal problem with RPM and/or Red Hat.
> My advice would be to stay the course and get this sucker done.  :-)
> Jeffrey.

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