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Re: Packaging and installation

I'll check out the link asap.  Not sure, but it sounds like
you've got exactly the right idea, though, IMO.


* Rahul Dave (rahul@reno.cis.upenn.edu) [001023 17:14]:
> A long long time ago, when LSB was starting up,
> I wrote a proposal to use RDF metadata in a package management system: the idea
> was to let binary and source and other installations all co-exist, without
> affecting multiple databases. Basically there would be an API which installers
> would use, and which would have to be implemented by pakage managers..
> Its at
> http://reno.cis.upenn.edu/~rahul/standards/packrdf/
> There wasnt much interest then, so I dropped the whole idea..but since the topic
> came up again, I thought I'd bring it up again, incase there is anything useful
> (which I still think there is..)
> Rahul

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