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Re: Final version of a Logo

* Max Moritz Sievers (max.moritz.sievers@gmx.de) [001001 06:36]:
> I like the old one more. The colors were better and the 
> Caldera-backgroundimage looks better.
> http://www.caldera.com/images/beta/beta_left.gif

Um...you jest, right?  Why would you want a Caldera
background image?  I believe that was only in there because
it was a dashed-off sample to get a rough idea.  I don't
think anyone ever intended for the background to be part of
the logo.  (In fact, I was asked not to post that set - but
I did anyway because I wanted some input on the various


Nicholas Petreley   Caldera Systems - LinuxWorld/InfoWorld
nicholas@petreley.com - http://www.petreley.com - Eph 6:12

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