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Re: Package name separators

> I honestly can't recall when the last time was that i saw a hyphen
> character in the version designation of a software package (i.e., the
> source tarball).  Oh wait ... i think jed
> (http://mit.space.edu/~davis/jed.html) has hyphens.

I counted the available packages with hyphenated versions on my debian
system, and there are 43 source packages with such versions, out of a
total of 3509 source packages (which are distributed as 5087 binary
packages), slightly more than 1%.  [The actual list is attached at the
end of the message.]

I'm not sure where all of these version numbers came from, but many
appear to be the real "upstream" version number (as opposed to something
concocted by the packager).

I guess my question is, why *not* do it (choose something more friendly
than a hyphen as a separator)?



apache-perl      1.3.9-13.1-1.21.20000309
august           0.60-beta1
bonnie           2.0.6-big
bsh              1.0-beta
clisp            2000-03-06
cqcam            0.89-0.90pre7
dejagnu          1.3-19990614
dialog           0.9a-20000629
dict-web1913     1.4-0.47pd
e2fsprogs        1.2-1.19
e2fsprogs        2.0-1.19
elisp-manual     20-2.5
elisp-manual-ja  20-2.5-jp
emil             2.1.0-beta9
fpc              0.99.13-19991013
freewnn          1.1.0+1.1.1-a017
gdm              2.0-0.beta4
ircii-pana       1:1.0-0c16
isdnbutton       2.6-970413
jade             1.3.4-1.2.1
jde              2.1.5-2.1.6beta13
jvim             3.0-2.0
kernel-patch-2.2.15-powerpc 20000422-2.2.16pre4
kernel-patch-2.2.17-powerpc 20000714-2.2.17pre11
latex2html       99.1-pre2-b6
lexmark7000linux 0.1999-03-28
libapache-mod-ssl 2.6.4-1.3.12
maelstrom        1.4.3-L3.0.1
mh               6.8.4-JP-3.03
mp3blaster       2-0b16
mrouted          3.9-beta3
mswordview       0.5.14-bw6
nmh              1.0.4+dev-20000612
original-awk     2000-05-25
pine-docs        1998-02-15
queue            1.20.1-pre4
rscheme-modules  19990405-230346
scotty           4:00-02-21
ude              0.2.6b-BETA
xdvik-ja         22.15-j1.03

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