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Re: Standard way to detect the Linux distro installed

On Thu, Jul 27, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Ivan Passos wrote:
> > I almost got into a situation where I needed to know what Linux distro 
> > I was trying to install my software in order to continue the 
> > installation. Regardless of this not being really necessary in this 
> > case (I found a way to get around the problem), I think it would be 
> > nice to have a _standard_ way of knowing which Linux distro is 
> > installed in the system.
> This was already discussed and consensus was reached on introducint a
> uname-like tool iirc.

We spoke about this at the last LSB meeting. The consens was, that
uname should be patched to display the Distribution and version if
you use special parameter.
But we also said that this should only be used for support questions
and finding problems, not for installation.


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