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Re: Package name separators

Previously Miles Bader wrote:
> Right, but unfortunately it's common for *both* the package name and the
> version to contain hyphens -- that's why it's annoying.  One can simply
> disallow hyphens in versions, but they seem to turn up in the source
> versions from which packages are made.

Simply solution that Debian uses: version is the versionnumber of the package.
upstream version is the upstream version (duh), and release version is
the version of the package. The upstream version and release version
are seperated by a -. The release version is not allowed to contain a
- and can therefore always be found by taking the string after the last
- in the full version.

Confused yet? Example:

   2.1.3-2.1     : upstream version 2.1.3, package release version 2.1
   2.2.17-pre3-2 : upstream version 2.2.17-pre3, package release version 2

We've used that for years and it works very well.


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