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Re: Chapter 13 - Software Installation

Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
> Apologies, Santeri, but I think you and I were actually addressing
> different issues - it's just that yours matched what I thought I was
> looking for. I suspect what you want may well be seen as "standardizing

You are correct, my apologies too. That was a grass-root-level
suggestion, or more like a question: could it have
something to do with LSB. 

Anyway, I got the answer and thanks for that. I will set up a simple 
development project for making this newbie classification and we will 
implement it to next release. Who knows if it's good maybe someday it will
be part of LSB or some other similar effort.

> what doesn't need standardizing" and therefore outside the scope of the
> LSB. A standard classification for users would be very nice but
> different classifications are used to differentiate distributions. A

I disagree. If classification is a competitive matter then
we will compete all newbies away from Linux.

> standard way of identifying what is on the system is required in order
> for a Debian-packaged package to install correctly on RedHat (or even
> RedHat on SuSE :-)

That sounds like a never ending war to me, good luck ;) 

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