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Linux software classification

We are developing a Linux distribution and have found
an urgent need for re-classification of Linux software.
If the structure is well done it can be easilly used 
for generating menu's, custom selections in installers, 
I studied LSB site and you are doing good work with
core stuff and directories. However the classification 
we are looking for is far more general conserning only 
package group structure and group names (like RPM or 
DEB groups). Current logic in eg. RPMs is fully depending 
on source of the package, and it's very technical and 
platform oriented. New users find it often extremely 
hard to understand or use.

Does this kind of project fit to LSB? Do you know 
if this kind of project is already going on somewhere? 
Would LSB be intrested in co-operation if we start 
such a project?


Mr. Santeri Kannisto      sk@sot.com  - http://www.sot.com/
SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd. - fax +358 401 833982
Hermiankatu 8 E, 33720 TAMPERE        - tel.+358 400 833982
FINLAND			                  & +358 3 316 5544

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