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Re: #! -- reconsideration?

Dan Kegel <dank@alumni.caltech.edu> writes:

> Now that you've explained your objection to /bin/posixsh, can you
> comment on /usr/posix/bin/sh?

If it's necessary to use a name other than /bin/sh, I would prefer a
file in /bin.  "posixsh" is okay.

I don't really like /usr/posix/bin/sh.  I would prefer to avoid a new
hard-coded pathname under /usr and I definitely object to a new
top-level directory under /usr just for POSIX programs.  I think it
would be confusing and it's usage would be very inconsistent in

Sorry I'm coming into this discussion late, but what about an
environment variable setting to set POSIX mode when using #!/bin/sh ?


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