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Re: Version & Distribution identification

Christopher Yeoh <cyeoh@linuxcare.com.au> writes:

> Apologies if this has been discussed before, but a couple of things
> that I think would be useful as part of the LSB specification:
> - a file which identifies the version of the LSB to which
>   the distribution is compliant against.
> - a file which contains the name and version of the distribution which
>   would provide a standard way of working out which distro is installed.

Good idea IMHO. RH has /etc/redhat-release, mdk has
/etc/mandrake-release, so why not a more general /etc/dis-release?

As for LSB version, maybe an /etc/lsb-release...

Problem: it clobbers yet a little more /etc...

# rm *;o
o: command not found

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