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LSB goals


First I think that saying what LSB is not about is a good thing, as I
think that some people (as for me in the past for example) have the idea
that a linux standard base is something more constraining than what is
doing the LSB. I am not saying that it is a good or bad thing, and in fact
I think that the people doing LSB are the only one that have the
legitimacy to set the limit of LSB, as this is the people implementing
the distributions (looking at and involving the members of the linux
community other than ISV and distribution makers is also important).

But then as I come back to the reason why I get interrested in LSB, that
is I had 2 distributions on a desktop computer, and it was really
difficult to share /home between the two because of the incompatibility of
the user scripts, I remark that this problem is not really in the
scope of LSB (am I wrong here ?), although IMO it could be a good thing
easying my little user life ! So my question is, how to make a
place to put new things in the scope of the LSB, as this is the only
way to have an impact on distributions, so that it doesn't make people
working on LSB losing time in long, controversial, and of smaller interest
that real work mail exchanges ?


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