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Re: Core/Layer vs. GUI

Greg Hayes wrote:
> >         Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the LSB project is a
> > good project, but not the only way of doing things.
> >
> Yea! Lets splinter Linux like UNIX!! Woo! Hoo! This is real productive!

I don't think it's splintering Linux to make public work that has been
going on for some time.  There are people who see value in having a
basic implementation to work on.

Making "yet another Linux Distribution" available is not, nore never
will be splintering...  Or would you say the same of Caldera, SuSE,
Turbo Linux, Corel, etc, etc, etc...  Are they all "splintering Linux?"

> So I guess when you lose an argument, your solution is to go create your
> own competing standard and try to recruit hardware vendors.

First, I am by no means proclaiming "This Will Be the Linux Standard." 

Did you by chance read "Fork You"


As a matter of fact, if you take the time to read it, it in no way
states that it is an effort to "create" any standard.  It actually
states, it will attempt to conform to existing standards at all possible
levels (including the uncompleted LSB standard).

Further, this project started long before I brought it up on the LSB
list.  I've been working with several people to develop a small base
distribution for a half dozen related projects for over a year.

> I've got to
> hand it to you, you are doing a lot of good work to destroy the
> possibility of real acceptance of Linux.

I doubt that anyone, by any effort, could "destroy the possibility of
real acceptance of Linux."  That is FUD.

If you don't like it, don't use it.  No one is forcing you.  I'm quite
sure you will be able to continue to buy boxed sets of Linux
distributions well into the future.

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