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RE: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee It's Not 1970!

> Put another way, an LSB that standardizes numerous special
> cases will be
> no more concise for simple cases than the status quo (cf. "requires
> glibc2.1 and FHS 2.0" with "requires LSBbasic1.0a, LSBdns2.1c") and
> uselessly complicated for the least-common-denominator user (cf.
> "requires LSB 1.0" and "requires LSBbasic1.0a, LSBx2.0, LSBfoo1.3,
> LSBbar1.1")

In my original message I used "Bind" as "the (RPM?) package containing the
BIND dns server" just like any other server should be shipped as a package.
For the dns server package, the only things I need should be in the "LSB
Core" subset/profile/layer.

Vincent de Lau (vincent@delau.demon.nl)

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