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Re: Spam on lsb lists (was: Re: Email Advertising Special--Ends Friday)

På 2000-Mar-25 klokka 14:31:07 -0800 skrivet H. Peter Anvin:

: Jim Knoble wrote:
: > I see no reason at all why folks who aren't subscribed shouldn't be
: > allowed to post.  It's rather routine to subscribe to mailing lists
: > nowadays.
: In other words, "fuck anyone who handles mailing list more efficiently
: than allowing it all in their inbox?"

Umm ... no, that certainly wasn't the intent of what i said.

: Many people use stuff like local news gateways or + addresses for
: sorting.

The lsb-* lists are the *only* mailing lists i'm currently subscribed
to that don't require posters to be subscribed to the list.  Perhaps
i'm naive and inexperienced, since i've only been lurking on the net
since 1990 or so, and since i use procmail and SpamBouncer[1] to sort
my email; yet i'm willing to undergo slight (and usually one-time)
inconveniences in subscribing to mailing lists or in configuring my MTA
or SMTP/NNTP gateway for the larger (and ongoing) convenience of not
receiving spam via the (quite a few) mailing lists to which i

And i don't even pay per-minute or per-kilobyte for my net connection.

jim knoble

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