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Re: File Systems.

On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Robert W. Current wrote:

> > Let's standardize the well-accepted tenets of Linux. They've evolved for
> > a reason, 20 million people are comfortable with them, and it will speed
> > the adoption of the LSB.
> Is this Erik's stance (speaking for himself or Red Hat?), or that of the
> LSB?

It's Erik's stance, speaking for Red Hat.

> I am simply saying, if the LSB turns into "what's good for Red Hat is
> good for the LSB, what's bad for Red Hat is bad for the LSB," then the
> LSB is completely useless to me, I might as well go buy a $1.99 CD for
> Red Hat if I want "Linux" (in quotes).  And in fact stuff I am working

I didn't mean it that way at all. Red Hat is my no means the only Linux
distribution out there. I meant to say that if every single Linux distribution,
major and minor, agree on something, don't change it just for the heck of
it. We're trying to standardize Linux, and accepting the standards that
100% of the Linux distributions already implement seems like an obvious
and necessary way to finish the LSB more quickly, and make it more widely

> The part where "/opt is correct for 3rd party packages" and
> "well-accepted tenets of Linux" added to "20 million people are
> comfortable with them" all just sounded like "let the Red Hat de facto
> standard reign, it's easier" IMHO.  I doubt Patrick Volkerding would

Show me a Linux distribution that does things differently.

> I had hoped that the LSB would benefit more than that, and be useful to
> Linux Router Project, muLinux Project, Calcaria Linux7k, CAJUN,
> DragonLinux, Trinux, LinuxCE, LinuxSH3, Linux Embedded Project, PDAs,

I don't see how what's in /usr/bin makes a whit of difference to these


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