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Re: X and LSB

Jim Knoble wrote:
> På 2000-Mar-19 klokka 12:28:11 -0500 skrivet Evan Leibovitch:
> : If one were in the Red Hat world, one would say the same about Debian, yet
> : the Debian folk are also very interested in having some common ground.
> : Community participation in the LSB is open, and if Patrick wants to get
> : involved I'm sure he wouldn't be turned away. That's his choice.
> See Patrick's recent interview on Slashdot for his take on this:
>   http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/03/17/1120205&mode=thread
> The particular question is titled ``(Non) Participation in the LSB''.
> He's pretty much adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Yea, it's a lot better than his previous "It's a sham" statement from
1998 ;-)  I couldn't help but go looking for that old statment he made
to compare them, but I seem to have lost it.

I do remember him saying he didn't have time to deal with the LSB, but
it was more to the effect that it was a total waste of time, and would
just end up tring to mandate Red Hat RPMs and layout as the de facto
standard.  It's funny to see how he suddenly "forgot" that he said
that.  I suppose it means he's more open to it now.  If I find some time
this weekend, I'll dig around for his old quote to compare.

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