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Re: X and LSB

På 2000-Mar-16 klokka 21:04:34 -0500 skrivet Robert W. Current:

: I am bringing these issues up here not because I believe that the LSB is
: fundamentally flawed, but because I feel that the LSB needs to think
: back on how the community can view standards and deals among "for
: profit" companies through shaded glasses.  It's important to have well
: thought out answers for these situations before they are asked.  (Which
: Evan is doing very well here.  I am going to play devils advocate when I
: see this stuff happen, and I was hoping for the last two days to see a
: solid response like the one Evan just sent ;-)

Robert, forgive me for presumption, but what would help most would be
for *you* to formulate such responses, if you view such things as
potential problems.  Most folks here are spending their energy on doing
what needs to be done here, and don't have extra energy to play mind

I am quite in favor of criticism from concerned and knowledgeable
parties (which is why i am working to help LSB as an individual).  The
most productive and beneficial criticism, however, comes not only with
``Here's what's wrong, broken, or flawed,'', but also with a clearly
written, detailed proposal or set of proposals on what to do about the
perceived flaws, preferably making sure to omit personal attacks and
vague, opiniated language.

LSB doesn't need devil's advocates.  We need folks who are willing to
help, and who are willing to make an attempt not to piss people off
when submitting critique.  If you have ideas, please write them down in
a clear and coherent fashion, so that we can all have a look at them
and give them the consideration they're due instead of wading through
reams of email trying to separate signal from noise.  If you think you
need help composing your ideas, please by all means ask for it, here or

You should be aware that it's not always easy for human beings to
accept criticism, and that couching it in flurries of unstructured
email messages with boisterous language often makes it even more
difficult to accept.  I don't particularly blame you for these human
flaws, but i urge to recognize them and try to work around them, if
your concerns are at all important to you.

In sum, i for one do not wish to argue with you; i would much rather
collaborate.  Please treat LSB like any other open source project:
submit patches, not complaints.  I promise you that things will work
out better for everyone that way.

jim knoble

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