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Re: Why X is needed (was: Re: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee It's Not 1970! (or is it?))

Nicholas Petreley wrote:
> Not true.  As others pointed out, the X libs make it possible to run the app
> on the LSB compliant system but served by an X server on another machine.
> And that other machine doesn't even have to be LSB compliant for it to work.
> ;)
> I suppose one could make the case that, if the ISV doesn't want to piss off
> its customers, it should put something on the package like: "Runs on any LSB
> compliant system. Requires XFree86 or an X server to use the GUI interface."
> (Or something less geeky.)

Yup, that's my point.  They will still need to require something more
than the LSB will deliver at that point.  And this could be avoided by
just putting a "X compliant LSB" stamp on a full layer of X

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