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On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Robert W. Current wrote:

> Still, steping back, there seems to be a common feeling among
> administrators I have spoke with that /usr unmounted, you can do
> anything you need to do "recovery" wise to a system.  But at the same
> time, /usr has long been the place where "standard" software (that is
> not "base" or "required," but meaning the stuff you really can't live
> without sometimes even in a recovery situation).

I don't have a separate /usr anymore.  Pointless nowadays on servers.
Rootclones and ADSM take care of recovery, and other nodes in the cluster
take care of the interruption.  Disks are cheap now, so space is no longer
a problem.

I wager in five years very few people will need a separate / and /usr,
especially with the emergence of journaling filesystems on Linux.

> It's all so frigging vague that if your suddenly required to admin a 4
> year old system, your going to spend an enormous amount of time
> figuring out what the hell was going through the last admin's head.

Heh, setting a standard isn't going to keep admins from configuring a
system how they like it.  We're more concerned about the ignorant desktop
user, who _won't_ change the defaults.

> Jim, I agree with MOST of what you said.  But 500M being trivial
> because of hardware advances is just a bit over the line...

Not at all.  You talk about sysadmins, yet you fail to realize that on
most real work machines, the smallest disks you can get are 9GB.  The
standard is now becoming 18GB.  Soon it will be 47GB...

> 500M is never trivial.  That's where system admins start to differ in
> their ability to handle frustration.

I drink a lot.  That helps me.  :-)


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