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djb@redhat.com wrote:
> > RPM by default has one installation path, /usr/bin, that is the
> > problem.  Move that to /usr/local, and grow RPM itself from the inside
> > to recognize "base" packages and put them where they belong, that might
> > be ok. (actually, this can be done in the package .spec file itself,
> > which may be the ultimate solution, simple to do, and easy to move the
> > default for the rest of the packages, I may try that on a full install
> > if I have time someday).
> WHAT?  I'm sorry, but this is simply patently false.  "Red Hat RPMs"
> default to /usr/bin, but "RPM" does NOT default to ANY installation
> path.  None.  

My comment stands technically corrected.  Your right.

I do know that, but what I am trying to say is, in general, most
distributions that use RPM's have rpm itself configured to use /usr/bin

> You have to run ./configure in your spec file with your
> own options.  You have to list your files based on where you put them.
> And even after you do all *that*, you can still relocate the package
> somewhere else in many cases.

Yes, this is what I am saying (probably again unclearly) when I say that
the "base" applications should probably be the special case, where the
.spec defines that they are to go in /usr/bin.

The standard case should be (IMO) that the software does not go in

This is an rpmrc issue, not a slam on RPM.  RPM is a useful tool.  My
case isn't against RPM, my case is that the installer of RPM itself
should specify that /usr/local or /usr/opt be the default installation
path.  A feature that RPM is quite capable of doing.

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