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* Michael Stone <mstone@cs.loyola.edu> wrote:
> FHS does not specify that distributions cannot put their own software
> anywhere but /usr/local. You seem to be  suggesting making the standard
> far more restrictive than any I've seen--that's what I object to. I
> think you'll find that many people are quite happy with distributions
> putting their software into /usr/bin and leaving /usr/local for local
> use. Why should they change? There is not technical issue at stake, only
> personal preference.

This is shortsighted. We will see the day when a distribution comes with
5 or 10 GB of "Linux". Mix the base system and "software" and you can't
separate it cleanly. This *is* a technical issue. If I have to mount a
drive with /usr worth a few GB just to get at the "base OS" which is
mixed in somewhere there, this surely isn't a nice designed system.


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