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Re: Localization / Internationalization efforts

Hi Andre,
When I attended the Atlanta Linux Showcase, SuSE's Chris Simmons was leading
a dicussion regarding internationalization & standardization of Linux.


Wayne Slater
Product Marketing Manager
Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
e-mail: wayne.slater@hummingbird.com

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From: Andre Charbonneau <mvkjqa4i@umail.corel.com>
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Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 10:34 AM
Subject: Localization / Internationalization efforts

>I was wondering if someone was aware of any
>localization/internationalization standardization efforts going on?  I
>know about the li18nux group but is there any efforts at LSB, or
>elsewhere?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>Andre Charbonneau
>Software Engineer
>Corel Corporation
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