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Re: LSB Commands and Utilities, Draft proposal

Your approach is very similar to how we are working on things. We have not yet
addressed different levels of compilance though.

> If it were up to me (which it is NOT), I would divide the LSB into logical
> categories of compliance...
> Core Libraries - this category includes the base libraries needed to run
> Filesystem - this category would contain the FHS (or whatever it's called
> Extension Libraries - this category would include those libraries which are
> Core utilities - applications such as bash, Perl, etc. which are not
> Administration utilities - this includes those utilities and their 
> Extension utilities - other utilities commonly found in /bin, /usr/bin,
> Development libraries - not actually a seperate category, each of the
> These categories contents thus defined, I would then define levels of
> compliance within the LSB, which third-party applications could then 
> visually require (in a Requirments sticker on the box, for example):
> Level 0 (Base): any distribution which is LSB-compliant must
> Level 1 (System): distributions which are Level 1 compliant must
> Level 2 (Administration): distributions which are Level 2 compliant must also


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