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Re: LSB Commands and Utilities, Draft proposal

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Aaron Gaudio wrote:

> The XFree86 project, unfortunately has no choice but to accept TOG's
> definition of X, to remain compatable, 

This can also be viewed as they are fortunate enough to have a stable
standard on which to build. The X Window System specification have been
around for a long time before TOGs involvment.

> Linux will be certified UNIX98 if it is in someone's interest to do so.

Agreed. I did not mean to imply otherwise. Linux migrating towards UNIX98
will happen if the technology sources want it to happen. Forking off a UNIX98
branch of Linux is not very practicle.

> I see the LSB as providing the same service as the UNIX98 standardization
> has for the "official" UNIX.

Yes, but there is one important difference. UNIX98 has had many many man years
of effort put towards writing the specification. 
> I should be able to read the LSB specification in its entirety without having
> to obtain and refer to a copy of the UNIX98 specification.

Refering to other standards is a matter of convenience and practicallity.
Writing a complete specification will take years, by which time the window
of opportunity will have passed. Referencing standards such as UNIX98 is
necessary if we are going to have something against which implementations
can be measured in a reasonable time frame.

We are sensitive to the fact that Linux is not someone else's UNIX. We are
documenting how it is done now, and not mandating that things be changed.
At the same time, by looking at the differences, we are discovering some
that can be eliminate by making small changes that won't adversly affect
the way things currently work. For things that aren't implemented, then using
UNIX98 again can be a convenience as the feature can be implemented to that
spec instead of having to figure out what to implement from scratch.


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