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Re: example Linux machines

harnett@us.ibm.com writes:

> This brings up an interesting question (at least I think it's
> interesting).  Will the sample implementation be packaged with a kernel
> and all other components necessary to host the LSB runtime environment?

Probably a very minimal installation.

> If so that means the sample implementation will need to either be a
> distribution in its own right, or provide a "vendor-neutral"
> distribution on which to host the LSB sample implementation.

We need to be careful to make sure the end-result of the sample
implementation does not provide more functionality than the LSB
specification itself -- it could be the cause of some confusion.
> Or, will the sample implementation only exist as a set of libraries
> that will need to be installed on an arbitrary distribution to be used?

Maybe two parts: the real sample implementation, and some added stuff
needed to provide a working system.

It should be possible for the main sample implementation to be used on,
say, a SCO UNIX system running lxrun.

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