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Re: example Linux machines

V man <venom@cibs9.sns.it> wrote on 06-23-99 07:04:15PM

>>It would be great if each Linux distribution could provide a sample
>>machine that active LSB developers could access (via ssh over the net)
>>to check out how each distribution does things, what's included, etc.
>In my opinion we should provite a sample machine too, so that we
>could have an official sample. i do not talk about m,aching a distribution,
>but something that is not a distribution, but conform only
>to our standard, not to any distribution.

This brings up an interesting question (at least I think it's interesting).
Will the sample implementation be packaged with a kernel and all other
components necessary to host the LSB runtime environment?  If so that means the
sample implementation will need to either be a distribution in its own right, or
provide a "vendor-neutral" distribution on which to host the LSB sample

Or, will the sample implementation only exist as a set of libraries that will
need to be installed on an arbitrary distribution to be used?


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