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RE: PROPOSAL: init file actions (draft 2)

On 02-Jun-99 Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Draft 2 of the proposal for what arguments should be accepted by init
> files and how init files should behave.  It is originally based on the
> Debian policy manual and the "status" option originally came from Red
> Hat.
> A few open questions:
>  - If a warning is issued, should the return status be zero?
>  - Warn on certain situations (like running "restart" on a service
>    already stopped or not running)?
>  - Should "reload" be optional?

 Are init scripts part of the configuration or are
 they treated as usual binary programs, i.e. can they
 be removed and overwritten without warning?

 Debian seems to store some configuration parameters
 in the init scripts while other Distributions (IIRC SuSE)
 use separate configuration files and don't require
 any modifications of the init scripts.
 I think the latter is more reasonable and cleaner. 

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