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/mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?


there seems to be some confusion right now if temporary mounts (of
changable media like CD's) should use /mnt/something or /something.

Debian uses /cdrom, which is also hardcoded in apt-get. Solaris also
uses /cdrom. Redhat uses /mnt/cdrom. I've always had the impression that
/mnt is the right place for such mounts, since cluttering / with this
(think of /cdrom, /cdrw, /floppy, /jazz, /zip, /dvd ...) is ugly at

Should the LSB take care of this? The FHS seems to be quite sloppy on 
this item.


Jochem Huhmann  *  Duisburg, Germany  *  joh@uni-duisburg.de
"Microsoft NT is not computer science. It is computer scientology."

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