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Re: Desktop normalization

> > An API to access either Gnome or KDE desktop strikes me as beyond the
> > scope of the LSB.
> 1. How about *generic desktop API*. 2. If there is any reason for LSB, it
> is desktop. 

KDE is outside of any LSB work. Remember the main reason for the LSB is
at least notionally commercial software. 

Secondly the LSB exists to standardise neccessary interfaces. For commercial
X11 apps right now that means Motif/Xaw/Xlib. 

All that is needed other than that is a standard way to interface to "add
this to rootmenu/toolbar" that can be used to update _all_ window manager
data from fvwm to enlightenment as well as kde/gnome.

It may become neccessary to spec gtk over time (given netscapes commitment
to gtk)

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