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RE: Desktop normalization

Perhaps it's not the job of LSB, but we have to think about it. Remember
why M$Windoze is so popular: It has a consistent easy to use desktop!
If we want Linux to compete with, we MUST have a good desktop and if we
want that applications (such as Wordperfect, StarOffice and so on)
develop integrated applications, we must normalize this too.
If it's not LSB job, whose job is it???


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> Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > I'm asking me a question. There is now 2 big desktops for Linux: KDE
> and
> > Gnome.
> > Couldn't we add an API to access either Gnome or KDE desktop for the
> > applications to interact with them.
> > So, a Word processor could access Gnome if it's running Gnome or KDE
> if
> > it's running KDE or other or nothing if no one is installed. The
> program
> > itself should not know on which desktop it is running.
> I hope anything that lsb does even mildly related to a desktop is
> minimal.  I think the whole KDE vs Gnome thing is total bullsh__.  As
> I
> see it, Enlightenment and GNUStep (Windowmaker/Afterstep) are at least
> _AS_ popular (me personally perfering a total "Stepified" desktop,
> running Windowmaker, patching GTKstep into GTK, etc...) and believeing
> X
> has to fix itself (somewhat in agreement with Jim Gettys (
> http://editorials.freshmeat.net/jim981031/ ).
> Of course this is all just my opinion, and not a very important one
> really.
> I think the LSB should be conserned underlying structure (file
> structure, sysV vs bsd, basic libraries maybe, default applications
> like
> ls, cd, rm, mv, cat, etc...), on which larger software componants
> (like
> a windowmanager) can work out thier compatibility problems themselfs.
> An API to access either Gnome or KDE desktop strikes me as beyond the
> scope of the LSB.
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