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Re: A nebulous system registry ...

> Greetings from down unda ...
>     I am aware that this message sort of veers away from the current
> thread of discussion but Ive got an itch I have to share ....
>     One of the things I noted earlier in this list is the lack of a
> standard registry . It was pointed
> out that the job of the lsb was not to define an implementation of a
> registry . It has occurred [...]

 From Freshmeat list:

 subject: Registry.pl 0.1
added by: Cris Daniluk <cris@dsnet.net>
    time: 07:55
category: Software

Registry.pl is a Perl library which allows you to create, manipulate, and
manage Windows 95 style registries (path/key/value based) as a
replacement to .conf files. It is quick and is entirely text based to allow
for manual editting.

o Download (http://www.dsnet.net/oss/registry.0.1.tar.gz)
o Homepage (http://www.dsnet.net/oss/registry.html)
o Appindex Record (http://appindex.freshmeat.net/view/911078948/)

                                       Csoma, Csaba

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