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Re: IEEE Computer article

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From: Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@transmeta.com>

>Shaya Potter <spotter@ymail.yu.edu> writes:
>> I just got the Oct. 98 issue, and their is an article on open source
>> software, however it mentions the LSA and the LCS, not the LSB.  s/o
>> want to send over a quick letter.
>A lot of magazines have a long delay (sometimes a month or more)
>between when an article is finalized and the issue is published.
>I don't get IEEE Computer, could you send me the contact address and
>the article name and author?  Thanks.

sorry for wait in reply, had surgery on my left wrist, remembering how to
hunt and peck with one hand.

You can find some info at www.computer.org, but can't read the article
unless IEEE computer society member, regular membership is slightly
expensive, though student membership is cheap.

The regular letter address is computer@computer.org.  The name of the
Article is "The Changing Face of Freeware", in their Industry Trends
section.  It was written by John Edwards ("a freelance technology writer
based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, EdWords@prodigy.net), and edited by Lee
Garber (l.garber@computer.org).

a third paragraph might be usefull to know too,
"To some open-source software proponents, formal standards seem anathema to
the general informality of freeware.  However, some proponents have said
basic standards could make it easier and more attractive for software
vendors to support Linux, while still leaving room for developers to work
with the OS."


Shaya (goes back to reading the flood of periodicals)

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