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IEEE Computer article

I just got the Oct. 98 issue, and their is an article on open source
software, however it mentions the LSA and the LCS, not the LSB.  s/o might
want to send over a quick letter.

--quote from p.13---
"To make linux even more ammendable to commericial developers, 3 companies
have formed the Linux standard association and will charge fees to votin
memembers, which has rankled some freeware proponenets.  The associatio0n
says it wants to define a minimum standard that will give linux th
consistency and stability necessary for developrsof linux-based products
and commercial applications."

"Meanwhile, Red Hat and the developers of Debian, a linux-based freeware
OS, are working together on the Linux compatability standard (http->debian
news release) to be used by developers of linux vased products ad
applications for linux"



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