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AGENDA for today's LSB telephone conference call

(See attached file: lsbagenda09272000.htm)

George (gk4)
Title: LSB Telephone Conference Minutes 9/27/2000




1) Status from Andrew?

2) Andrew's tasks
3) Chris' tasks
4) Kevin's tasks

COMPLETED:  George to add Andrew and Doug back into the LSB developers list.
COMPLETED: Dan is to create an lsb-cert email list for LSB certification
STATUS: Dan and Andrew to work on funding details for the above proposal


6) How did it go at Linux Congress in Germany?

7) Atlanta Linux Showcase this October 12 - 14, 2000, Atlanta, Georgia, Cobb Galleria Booth 305

a) we have a booth
b) we have a computer
c) we have three banners on order
d) in the process of ordering t-shirts
e) Dan Quinlan to provide press release information to Lisa Landspery regarding the LDPS V1.0
f) Stuar Anderson to provide press release information to Lisa Landspery regarding the Written Specification V0.7
g) Scott McNeil and George Kraft working the booth for three days.   MORE VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME.
h) BOF on Thursday evening.
IN PROGRESS:  George is to get IBM communications/marketing to provide some man power and work on announcements for hte LSB
IN PROGRESS : George is to find an IBM graphics artist to convert the LSB logo into EPS.
IN PROGRESS: Andrew and Chris are to provide details regarding LSB testing impact on the Linux community.  Dan Quinlan is to write this up for Linux Today.

8) Scott McNeil has reserved a booth for the FSG at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo for this January 30 - February 2, 2001, New York, New York, Javits Convention Center www.linuxexpo.com

a) Lots of time for this one, however the call for papers is over. Did anyone sign up to speak?


9) This should be going for legal review this week.  Dan Quinlan to give a status report.


10) LSB V0.7 is targeted for just before ALS.
a) Do we want RFCs during ALS?
IN PROGRESS: Stuart has refreshed the design.  He is in the process to creating a build to get us back where we were and a user friendly edit interface.
IN PROGRESS: George is looking for a tool that can parse system header files an produce a meta file containing interfaces, return values, and parameters with their values.   Any insight or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
OUTSTANDING since 9/13/2000: George is to get sourceforge to do a cron job build of the written spec
COMPLETED: Dave Prossor is to check on the status of the gABI so that the LSB may use it.   We are on hold for legal.

11) George's tasks
12) Stuart's tasks
13) Quinlan's tasks
14) Ted's tasks
15) Kingdon's tasks
16) UNASSIGNED tasks


17) Need status from Ralph regarding trimming down Caldera' Linux Technology Preview to be used as the LSB's sample implementation

18) UNASSIGNED tasks

OUTSTANDING since 9/13/2000: George is to write an LSB roadmap for the written spec with milestones
OUTSTANDING since 9/13/2000: George is to write an agenda for the next face-to-face LSB meeting.

George Kraft IV

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