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Re: Standard libc (Was: Re: Sorry)

> There is a Debian bug report on this issue, if memory serves. In its
> current state, using docs to validate code is going to be somewhat iffy.

The intent is to use documentation to find the relevant standard to document

That way we are always pushing in the direction of actual standards except
where we choose not to (eg if they are simply too silly for words)

> Checking your list against an nm of the shared library would be a good way
> to find the important holes in the function space. Hopefully the number is
> small enough to be researched for the respective header files.

Also Stuart will be working from other lists (he's provisionally the
documentation chair and appears to have more years standards body
experience than I do Linux). I think we are in good hands between us.

If people want to get involved in side aspects we do need to find a way
to document some key additional libraries (libdb etc) and appropriate
free documentation for them. So if you are keen and want to pick off a 
small library  for lunch let me know


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