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Standard libc (Was: Re: Sorry)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > As there is not very much traffic on this list, has there anything done
> > yet on LCS. Where can i read more about it, i.e. is there a WEB page with 
> > proposals, or even an archive of this list available?
> With Bruce's departure and a bit of time the LCS and LSB are fusing into
> one project with both written standards as a reference implementation
> and goal. Right now the noise is going on on the LSB channel.
> Actual stuff about done: selecting a chair, agreeing a goal statement
> (pointy hair stuff but important to some people), and generating
> a libc reference to start cutting down and building into the specification
> 	(http://linux.kernel.org/lsb)
> but its a bit empty right now
> Alan


OK, I realize that I'm not on the 'official' committee or whatever, but I
was just wondering from where you got your list of things that should be
in libc. I haven't had the time to look through it entirely, but I do see
that you are missing the functions from dlfcn.h (the library for dynamic
loading/unloading of libraries). I admit that I am personally biased
towards these functions (dlopen, dlclose, dlsym, and dlerror) being
included in the standard library set because of a project I am working on,
but it seems that these functions should be included in any sort of Linux
standard, as they are already part of glibc2, and are also part of UNIX98.
IMHO, it is important for a Linux standard to meet and/or exceed the
minimums of UNIX(tm) branding, even if Linux itself never gains official
branding. My $0.02.


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