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Information on the Gopher G6 extension

  I came across the save_gopher_server project [1], and it states to support
the G6 extention, which it states:

	1. requests for line ranges
	2. CRC32 in requests to prevent sending files in cache
	3. transfer size and error codes
	4. user filling forms
	5. realtime data streaming

and that's it.  No other documention, except for the source code in Perl.
And I have no skill (nor desire) to decipher Perl code.  There is, as far as
I can tell, only one client, ACID [2], that claims to support it as well,
and the only document it points to is the source code to save_gopher_server.

  Trying to find any information about this G6 extension is proving
difficult---is there anyone that knows more about this?  Or is this just a
"one-off" type of thing?


[1]	https://gitlab.com/SSS8555/save_gopher_server

[2]	https://gitlab.com/SSS8555/acid/-/blob/master/README.md

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