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[new release] Gopherus v1.2.2

Hello all,

I have published a new Gopherus release today.

Gopherus is a multiplatform Gopher client available for Linux, BSD, Windows and DOS. Changelog follows.

Gopherus v1.2.2 [12 Nov 2022]:
 - [new] F4 key loads the main menu of the current server
 - [new] key bindings can be reconfigured through a configuration file
- [new] 0-byte answers are interpreted as a "selector does not exist" error
 - [fix] fixed a minor buffer overflow
 - [mnt] optimizations to decrease memory footprint
 - [mnt] Windows version is cross-compiled with mingw64 and requires x86_64
- [mnt] DOS version: supports pages up to 65000 bytes long (was: 32000 bytes) - [mnt] DOS version: increased max amount of lines in a menu from 128 to 512
 - [mnt] dropped support for the DOS 32-bit (DJGPP) version
 - [mnt] dropped the SDL2 target




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