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Re: State of Gopher and TLS?

It was thus said that the Great Mateusz Viste once stated:
> On 26/10/2022 02:40, Steve wrote:
> >If you are publishing something to the PUBLIC what they heck do you need 
> >TLS for?
> I should add that TLS not only serves little purpose in the context of 
> publicly available data, but it also adds a false sense of security, as 
> the user might get fooled into thinking he can do whatever he wants 
> without anyone being able to tell.

  A benefit of TLS is that it prevents an ISP from modifying the document as
it's being delivered.  There are ISPs out there that will modify HTML pages,
usually to insert their own advertising, on pages served over http:.  Using
TLS can prevent (to some degree---state level actors can do as they please)
this from happening.

  I don't think this is of conern to gopher, given the amount of traffic vs.
the effort required.  Personally, I agree that TLS should not be added to


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